Zero Waste Socierty

Zero Waste Society 2.0

Sustanability is the key about delicious coffee.
Would you like to start「Zero Waste」with us?
In the town, you & your local coffee shop start a new life standard together.
I only can make small outcomes like a fistful of coffees. But if we do it together, that will be a big thing.
Shall we make a brilliant & sustainable future?

What is the issues?

Grow locally. Impact globally.
A coffee tumbler will make big happen.

  • [In 2050]

    Our coffee will be gone?
    A future in which coffee production areas and people will be affected by the effects of global warming caused by climate changes. Arabica coffee cultivated areas may be reduced by 50% compared to today.

  • [Climate Changes]

    We, who live in developed countries, mainly make the cause. And the poor people in coffee-producing areas, that is, the farmers, are the most affected.

  • [Specialty coffee will not be making?]

    Due to the effects of global warming, obstacles such as "rust" and "worm-eating" will increase, and coffee cultivation will require great difficulty and the number of producers may decrease.

What we can do?

  • [ Zero-Waste Society ]

    The Zero West Society is a resource-recycling society, but the point is to reduce garbage as much as possible, reduce CO2, and stop or delay global warming.

  • [ Action of tumbler ]

    We use compostable cups and straws with a circular economy for takeaways. However, we just through away as usual rubbish. The system is not working well at the moment. The solution is simple. if we don't use takeaway cups, there is no waste.

  • [ More lifeful SDGs ]

    We can co-create a sustainable world with everyone's feelings. If this world doesn't get better, coffee will be harder to produce. To create a bright future from what we can do without difficulty.

  • fistfulofcoffees
  • The story to the future

    The tumbler is manufactured by KINTO, which . Refill cans filled with the work and thoughts of Japanese craftsmen who have been carefully hand-painted one by one.
    The designed flower is a coffee flower. The wish that the flowers will bloom eternally. The sphere represents the impression of coffee beans and the earth. It contains the desire to connect, act, and co-create a sustainable and wonderful world together.

    3,500 yen (Inc Tax)

The world will change if everyone works together.


Where can we grow together?

Introduction about MATE for the first FOC refilling canister.