Create Your Own Story

You can do 「whatever」you want.
You can go 「wherever」you want.
You can be 「whoever」you want.
You are the only one of your story.
Do anything you want and go anywhere you want to go.
Let's connect your story and someone else's story to create an impressive moment in your life.
ANY provide opportunities about making your own story special.

What's New

You will find new story here. Stay our specialty hotel in Nara. ANY B&B+COFFEE is always waiting you.

  • Online Gift Card

    「Online Gift Card」

    You can send our e-gift card to anywhere via email. It is available to use at shop both location (ANY main shop & Brew bar).



    Sustanable coffee life is the key for our future. We are trying to reduce coffee bags. And then we can change the world.

  • New Beans

    「News Beans」

    「Ywar Ngan from Myanmar. It is very chaos in this country. But coffee & people are beatiful. We might need to think this world to be better.」

  • Coffee beans

    「Shipping Globally」

    Roasting coffee with heaps of love. ANY has only fantastic specialty coffee. We can ship our coffee to over the world.

  • Craft beer & Specialty coffee


    「Collaboration with Nara Made "HAZY BROWN ALE w/COFFEE". Now on sale & you can have our COFFEE BREW BAR as well. 」

  • Blog

    Check our blog

    We are writing about Nara sightseeing for you. There are many of atractie spots here. You will be excited we are sure!!!

  • Granola


    「Have you had our healthy granora? You can have it as vegan option with soy milk as well. This is the best offer from Nara as a breakfast!」

  • Uber Eats

    「Uber Eats」

    In Nara city, Uber Eats is available now. We also provide our menu with Uber Eats. Please enjoy our coffee and healthy menu at your hotel or anywhere.

  • booking

    Make a Booking

    We are taking your booking now!! Only a group is available every single day. Don not miss it! If you have any question, please ask us.

About Us

ANY provide opportunities about making your own story special.
We believe each personality and story of life, emotional moment and new experience that we would love to share with you all at ANY.
We believe that you will be stay and find something new for your future at ANY.
ANY focus on you and people. Then we could be made impressive moment when you are connected with someone else's story.
We always try to do something new, also we are happy to share with you all everything and we would love to create new story with you all together.

Owners&Co-founders Yutaro&Chiharu


「We create the emotional moments with experiences of coffee and hotel. Then connect you and something to be making a story. There is chance to think about our future what we create. 」


「Take the FIRST CRACK at the future.」


  • One-group(maximum 2ppl) only

    ANY provides a special room for one-group(maximum 2 people) only. If you have small kids, it is okay. Just let us know how many kids you have. Relax and enjoy with your friends, family or partner. We are welcome to assist you to make great time in Nara.

  • You stay upstairs of Specialty Coffee Cafe

    As you may know, down staires is a cafe. When you stay at ANY, you will smell delicious coffee and yummy breakfast. It's knd of special experience.

  • Only 8 minutes walk from the station

    We are located in Nara city between Kintetsu-Nara station and JR Nara station takes 8 minutes by walk. We are also offering free-pick-up-service if you need.

  • New experience in Nara

    Our location is the best in Nara city. Just beside to Nara-machi where is good for sightseeing. Also there are local sake shop, bar and retaulant near by ANY. If you need a booking, we are able to help you for book your table.



  •  Free breakfast &Coffee

    Come by anytime between 8am-10am at cafe downstairs.

  •  Free Wifi

    Free Wifi is available anytime at your room.

  •  Amenities

    Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Towels, room wear, Hair dryer, Room shoes.

  •  Welcome drink & Mini bar

    Beer, Japanese sake or ANY original coffee drip bag.

  •  Free pick up service

    We are offering free-pick-up-service at Kintetsu-Nara station or JR Nara station. Let us know before arrival day if you need.

  •  Booking service

    Worry about booking restaurant in Japan? ANY provides Booking Service for special dinner or fantastic event.

  •  Laundry & Dryer

    The laundry and dryer at downstairs provided for staying guests. There are fabric detergent and softener on the shelf next laundry.

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23-4 Nishijyoudo-cho, Nara-shi, Nara-ken. Among the Yasuragi street.
8 mins from JR Nara station. Also 8 mins from Kintetsu Nara station.


Please click & make your booking at "Booking Button".


Opening Hours 8am-5pm
Closed on wednesday & Thursday
Address: 23-4 Nishijodocho, Nara, Nara, Japan

See the Menu

  • Specialty Coffee

    ANY co-founder Yutaro is provided ONLY African coffee roasted by himself. Full of flavor and originality taste comes out with his experience working as barista and roaster in Melbourne in the past. Also our online shop is available to get your favorite coffee.

  • Breakfast & Brunch

    We open from 8am everyday during weekday to provide beautiful morning. Seasonal veggies jaffle, Chia seed pudding with seasonal fruits and more items comes our breakfast menu. They are for everyone such as office-worker, students, Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma. Let's get started your day with ANY.

  • REEL

    ANY co-founder Chiharu has connections with artists based in Melbourne. Handmade jewelry, ceramic and more she found in Melbourne provides at REEL Online shop. There are lots of goodies what you will find only at ANY in Nara, Japan.

  • Wholesale Coffee Beans

    ANY offers the highest quality coffee for wholesale customers as well. Please contact us by email if you are interested about our coffee. Let's share beautiful stories of coffee together with us.

  • Events & Collaborations

    ANY organizes events such as Natural wine tasting, Guest artists, Talk-event, Coffee class and more. There are no border line to try anything, so please contact us if you have good idea! Let's do it together.

Kenta Senekt has done his works at ANY.


  • Hotel

    Local to the world, The world to the local

    B&B style hotel in Nara. We provide opportunities about making great experiences and sharing culture for people over the world. Come over at here ANY to find new discoveries.


    Story of coffee. Story of yourself

    Every single day is your story of life. We provide speciality coffee roasted by ourselves with each stories behind coffee.
    A coffee you have everyday is connecting to the world.
    Get start your day with breakfast and coffee from "ANY".

  • REEL

    Everyday is special

    REEL provides beautiful handmade jewelry from over the world. Also REEL shares stories behind creators and designers. Hope you will discover something special through REEL.

  • The story from an ancient city projects

    Bring a story to the universe

    ANY support and contribute to society, new technology venture, space venture and more. The combined efforts from each one of us will make big happen.

  • ANY online store

    Coffee from ANY to the world

    Get our coffee anywhere in the world.
    ANY shares beautiful stories behind coffee to people in the world. Available shipping grobally. Don't missed it!

  • Event&collaboration

    Telling, sharing

    ANY will be held some events frequently. Import and share Natural wine from Australia, invite a local designer from Melbourne. Talk event, workshop or class and more. The sky is the limit. We have no border for enjoyable things. If you want to do something, let us know! We can make massive impressive moment together.