Create Your Own Story

You can do 「whatever」you want.
You can go 「wherever」you want.
You can be 「whoever」you want.
You are the only one of your story.
Do anything you want and go anywhere you want to go.
Let's connect your story and someone else's story to create an impressive moment in your life.
ANY provide opportunities about making your own story special.

What's New

Now we are looking for the place for cafe and accomodation in Nara city. We are happy to be part of this beautiful city with people we've met and atmosphere we've felt. We look forward to seeing you all at our own shop in Nara.

  • Prebooking


    If you are interested in our B&B, please have a prebooking. Just your name &Email only. We will let you know when we are ready with more details. It is NOT mandatory!

  • 団体旅行ナビ記事

    Japanese media pick ANY up!

    We are very appreciate it! Because we have not gotten our place yet. However they wrote about us. That's awesome!

  • ANYインスタグラム

    ANY Instagram is here

    We are running our Instagram account too! Please check it out! We are posting our concept, mind and more.

About Us

ANY provide opportunities about making your own story special.
We believe each personality and story of life, emotional moment and new experience that we would love to share with you all at ANY.
We believe that you will be stay and find something new for your future at ANY.
ANY focus on you and people. Then we could be made impressive moment when you are connected with someone else's story.
We always try to do something new, also we are happy to share with you all everything and we would love to create new story with you all together.

Ownwers&Co-founders Yutaro&Chiharu



    Local to the world, world to the local

    B&B style accommodation in Nara. We provide opportunities about creating great experiences and sharing a culture to people all over the world. You will find something new with us at ANY.


    Story of coffee, story of yourself

    Every single day is part of your story. We are roasting speciality coffee by ourselves at ANY. We serve our speciality coffee and behind story of coffee. A cup of coffee always has connected to the world. Start your day from ANY with our beautiful coffee & Breakfast!

  • REEL

    Everyday is special

    We are offering clothes and jewels from over the world. We are also sharing to you all about behind story of creators and designers. Hope you will discover something special at REEL.

  • The story from an ancient city projects

    Bring a story to the universe

    ANY support and contribute to society, new technology venture, space venture and more. The combined efforts from each one of us will make big happen. First, we donate 5% to 'Serika fund' from our each coffee bean sales. More info about Serika fund click here.

  • ANY online shop(coming soon)

    Send a coffee to the world

    You can enjoy our coffee anywhere around the world. Share the story as much as we can!

  • Event&collaboration

    Telling, sharing

    ANY will be held some events frequently. Import and share Natural wine from Australia, invite a local designer from Melbourne. Talk event, workshop or class and more. The sky is the limit. We have no border for enjoyable things. If you want to do something, let us know! We can make massive impressive moment together.